Premium Rentals

VIACAR is a premium vehicle rental service on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. We are passionate about our cars, committed to exceptional service, and have extensive knowledge of the local area. We offer coastwide transfer services including Luggage Transfers and Showroom Transfers, operating daily from 6am until 8pm and from first to last flight.


Our philosophy is simple. Why drive your daily drive when you can drive different? Some time ago we visited the beautiful Sunshine Coast on vacation and made every effort to hire a convertible to explore the coast in style. To our surprise we found it near impossible to do so and born was the idea to make available a fleet of new and interesting premium vehicles for visitors and locals to enjoy.

As most of our customers are visiting the coast for leisure, and are keen to get on with their holiday in the sun, we provide an efficient service to get you on your way faster. We have done away with the traditional Rental Desk and provide a 24/7 secure online reservation service, so you can spend more time in true holiday mode. After one of our team introduces you to your car, and provides an overview of the many premium features, you and your party will be on your way.

We aim to ensure the best possible service, at the most competitive rates, and for the cars our customers most want to drive. We believe that car rental is an opportunity to explore and enjoy new driving experiences, beyond mere transportation and utility. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we could further improve our business offering, we are always keen to hear your ideas and evolve our business further. Please contact us and let us know your thoughts.

Tony and Scott, Co-founders, VIACAR.