Premium Rentals

Whether you are looking to enhance your coastal vacation or add flair to your wedding or special event, VIACAR Packages tailor our service to meet your requirements. If you are after something specific not covered by our packages, contact us for a discussion on how we can provide what you are looking for.


Shortly we will be introducing our special Vacationer Packages, available for addition to any Vacationer vehicle rental. As many of our customers visiting the coast are arriving by air, we are putting together a select set of items that aim to enhance your holiday experience without exceeding your baggage allowance. our packages are designed for parties of two or four and will be available for selection mid-2020 when reserving your vehicle. Please contact us for further information.


VIACAR Event Packages

Self Drive Fleet

Planning a wedding or special event? With our fleet of self drive premium European cars available for hire, we can package together multiple vehicles for your special occasion. Not only will you add some prestige and fun to your special event, but our self drive vehicles are all about the driving experience. Rather than pay an hourly premium for multiple drivers, why not share the driving experience with friends and family, and make our cars a memorable part of your occasion.

Full Day Rates

As with all of our rentals, you have the flexibility of collecting your chosen cars from our showroom anytime between 8am and 6pm on your event day, and the same applies to vehicle return. That means you pay one extremely reasonable rate for the whole day and not by the hour! Drive your chosen cars all day and into the evening and enjoy the driving experience. We are also happy to extend the rental period on request should you require more time with our beautiful cars.

Please contact us and let us know your requirements so that we can discuss your special event and provide a tailored package for you.